VoicesUnited4Change is a grassroots organization made up of parents, professionals and youth who are champions of children’s mental health and have lived experience dealing with mental health challenges and overcoming them.

We provide an opportunity for youth and family members to understand and value the importance of having a voice.  Members use their experience to advocate for change to ensure that Family and Youth driven care and its values become ingrained in our community.


How wonderful would it be if we could “erase the disgrace” of the stigma associated with mental health! 

VoicesUnited4Change is an organization, created with the support of the Orange County System of Care and Access: Supports for Living striving to do just that!    We are currently engaging in an aggressive membership drive, and would encourage anyone who feels the call to advocate for health and wellness needs of youth and families, to join VU4C.  Any contribution of time would be appreciated, and would serve to nurture this important endeavor.  Perhaps you would be interested in participating on a committee to plan fundraisers, or perhaps you could volunteer to cook something for a pot-luck dinner.  There are many, many opportunities, big and small, to support our youth and families through this organization.  Would you like to be a champion, and an advocate for children’s mental health?  Contact Saul Kleinman (saul@voicesunited4change.org) or Anne-Marie Freitas (afreitas@asfl.org).